Wednesday, 25. 8. 2010

New 'Žitni' or grain bridge

The new Grain Bridge opened in Ljubljana on Thursday 24 August 2010 linking Petkovškovo nabrežje and Poljanski nasip between Usnjarska and Gestrinova streets.

The bridge across the Ljubljanica, donated by Mons, d.o.o., is 36m long and 3.8m wide. In the middle, where the walking space broadens, a viewing platform with benches has been incorporated. The pedestrian area is paved with tonalite stone slabs. The gentle slope and step-free access allow smooth access to the bridge for physically impaired people and cyclists. The architect behind the Grain Bridge project was Prof. Boris Podrecca.

In the overall framework of the new bridge, a fire brigade pumping station and an entry/exit point for boats have been installed on Poljanski nasip and a fire brigade pumping station on Petkovškovo nabrežje financed by the Ljubljana Tourism public institute; the project was led by architect Breda Bizjak.

The sum contracted for the newly-constructed fire brigade platforms and installation of floating pontoons with stairs to Poljanski nasip and for carrying out capital maintenance work at the fire brigade pumping station at Petkovškovo nabrežje is €178,085.60.

From where does the name 'Žitni' or Grain Bridge arise?

Ambrožev trg, which is close to the bridge, was known as Grain Square from 1876 to 1898, a name that arose from the use of the space for fairs. Its name was later changed.

Thus the new bridge is called Grain Bridge, as a friendly name to preserve the memory of the olden days, when trading carried on not far away, as marked by the former name of the square, in grain.