Friday, 16. 11. 2018

Opening of a renovated unit of the Zelena jama Kindergarten

On Wednesday, 14 November 2018, we opened the renovated unit of the Zelena jama Kindergarten, Vrba (Willow).

The comprehensive renovation of the kindergarten encompassed the energy renovation of the building within the scope of which we have renovated the façade, replaced the doors and windows, insulated the roof, replaced the light fixtures and renovated the central heating system and hydro insulation. We have renovated the kitchen and the laundry room, in all three buildings of the kindergarten the internal sewage system, plumbing, floors and ceilings have been replaced, the halls have been heat insulated, and the bathrooms and the interior equipment have been renovated.

We have received a grant in the amount of 417,025 EUR from the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology for interior renovation project.