Wednesday, 11. 9. 2019

Opening of the 61st BicikeLJ station

At Rakovnik we have set up already the 61st BicikeLJ station.

Cycling is an ever more popular and common method of mobility in Ljubljana, that is why we are constantly striving to improve the cycling infrastructure and are promoting this mode of mobility which is raising the quality of life in the city.

Impressive results of BicikeLJ

Data on the use of the BicikeLJ system shows a major increase of rentals and active bicycle users. In August we recorded 110,675 rentals, and since 12 May 2011, when the BicikeLJ system started operating, there were over 6.5 million bicycle rentals. The average duration of an individual bicycle rental was 16 minutes. Bicycles are most often rented on Cankar Street at Nama, at Congress Square and Prešeren Square.

Planned expansion of the system

In the coming two years we are going to set up new stations, with the expansion being negotiated.