Monday, 4. 11. 2019

Opening of the expanded cemetery Polje

At the end of October 2019, we have opened the expanded cemetery Polje. Within the scope of the expansion we built a new farewell building, a platform and a park. With new surfaces for classic and in-ground urn burials, columbarium and ash-scattering area we provided 1560 new burial plots.

The expansion of the Polje cemetery was necessary because burial capacities were full. And so we made space for 300 classic graves and 960 urn graves at the cemetery, and at the cemetery wall we have columbaries with 192 urn niches, in total. At the centre of the cemetery there is a raised space for scattering ashes, and next to the cemetery wall a memorial wall with 108 memorial plaques.
In the south part of the cemetery we built a farewell building with an overhanging roof with two mortuaries and two rooms for mourners in its central part. The covered access to mortuaries leads to the overhanging roof and further on into the cemetery. The western part of the building houses the manager’s offices and in its eastern part a flower shop is going to be set up.
The investment is valued at 2,870,000.00 €, VAT excluded.