Friday, 10. 7. 2020

P+R Stanežiče opened

We have opened the P+R Stanežiče parking area at Celovška cesta, already the sixth parking area of this kind in Ljubljana. Until the end of July 2020 drivers can park there free-of-charge.

The area has 392 parking spaces, among them 20 for the disabled and 6 for electric vehicle parking and charging. In addition, there are 15 parking spaces for caravans, 4 bus stops and 2 spaces for tourist buses.


We have also set up 20 bicycle stands with space for 40 bicycles and 16 bicycle storage lockers.

With the opening of the parking area we have extended the route of the city bus line 1.


Already six P+R parking areas in Ljubljana

The P+R parking area system (park and ride) is a combination of private and public transportation, which allows users to reach the main points on the city outskirts or the radial roads with their cars and continue their journey to the city by public transport or a bicycle.
In Ljubljana, there are six P+R facilities. In addition to the newly opened P+R Stanežiče these are:

  • P+R Dolgi most
  • P+R Barje
  • P+R ŠRC Stožice
  • P+R Studenec
  • P+R Ježica