Thursday, 14. 2. 2008

Eu civitas mobilis project participant consultation

A consultation took place in City Hall on 14 February 2008 in the framework of the EU CIVITAS MOBILIS project (6th framework programme), that is aimed at sustainable mobility in towns. Mayor Zoran Janković also greeted participants.

The MOBILIS project started on 1 February 2005 and this year is the last of its operation (4 year project).

The City of Ljubljana (MOL) has taken part as a partner and local co-ordinator; other Slovenian partners ar: LPP (Ljubljana's public transport company), the Mechanical Faculty at Maribor University, the Slovenian Agricultural Institute, Pinus and the Regional Environmental Centre for central and south-eastern Europe. As well as Ljubljana, the following European cities are working on the project: Toulouse (FR), Venice (IT), Odense (DK) and Debrecen (HU).


A sustainable concept of transport presupposes a full implementation of the hierarchy of transportation assets. Ljubljana has supported the formulation of such measures with its approach to the European CIVITAS initiative so that people will be encouraged, reinforced and even emboldened into using public transport (buses and trains), cycling and walking. The goals of the MOBILIS project include raising people's awareness of sustainable mobility, the use of public transportation, cycling and the use of biodiesel.

On 25 September 2007 the European Commission adopted a Green Paper for a new culture of mobility in towns. The Green Paper showcases a range of possibilities for improving mobility in towns and posits 25 questions dealing with all of the most important challenges in the management of urban traffic. On the basis of the answers that the Commission is to gather by 15 March 2008, it is to prepare and publish an action plan for mobility on towns this autumn.


The vision of CIVITAS cities (among which is also Ljubljana) amounts to green cities with flowing traffic, well-thought out mobility and accessibility and safe and reliable city transport for every citizen. In this way space is being created for innovative and advanced ideas and projects.

Ljubljana is being successfully integrated into a continuation of the CIVITAS initiative. Via the Elan project, which Ljubljana prepared for the European Commission in June 2007, Ljubljana also joined the CIVITAS PLUS cities.