Friday, 24. 7. 2009

Ljubljana castle: the reopening of the outlook tower

The renovated Outlook Tower at the Ljubljana Castle reopened for visitors on Saturday 25 July.

The official opening ceremony took place on Friday 24 July at 1 pm.

The Outlook Tower was closed to visitors on 1 October last year. It has undergone extensive and demanding renovation efforts which took substantially more time than originally planned.

The castle's Outlook Tower (Razgledni stolp) stands in the place of the former Pipers' Tower, which was pulled down in 1813, during the French occupation. Afterwards a signal tower, the home of the castle guard, was built in its place. Offering the most beautiful view of Ljubljana and its surroundings, the Outlook Tower, which was in 1982 raised by 1.2 metres, now only serves as a tourist attraction.