Friday, 17. 7. 2009

International council of shopping centres awarded ljubljana's citypark

International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) awarded the Citypark shopping centre located in the BTC City shopping area Solal Marketing Award for project The Biggest Playground in Town.

Over 300 European shopping cetres were contesting for Solal Marketing Awards. Citypark was awarded in the category Consumer and Trade Advertising. The Biggest Playground in Town project was conceived to icrease shopper frequency in the new section built in 2007.

Project consisted of twelve children's playing areas. The Biggest Playground in Town, visited by more than 54.000 shoppers, was designed to raise the parents' awareness about choosing the right toys for their children according to their age and needs and to promote more active ways of life.

BTC City, where Citypark is located, is one of Europe's largest shopping centres. Its vast shopping area, developed from a warehouse complex, is positioned as a shopping city.

Solal Marketing awards are being awarded to European shopping centres for their most effective and excellent marketing projects from 1977.