Monday, 10. 8. 2009

Ljubljana visiting ljubljana

The young Belgian Heuschen – Roland family, whose first-born child bears the same name as the Slovenian capital, have returned to Ljubljana.

The city was such an inspiration to mother Laurence Heuschen and father Alexander Roland that they decided to call their first daughter Ljubljana.

They were excited by the legend that relates that the Slovenian capital takes its name from its romantic reputation – the letter 'e' is exchanged for an 'a' and from ljubljena, meaning 'beloved' we get Ljubljana. Laurence Heuschen and Alexander Roland from Liege in Belgium came to Ljubljana on holiday in 2002 and their daughter, born on 30 October 2007 was named Ljubljana.

After an invitation from the City of Ljubljana and the Slovenian Tourist Board the family arrived in the Slovenian capital on Saturday 8 August 2009. This afternoon the family with their lively daughter were received at City Hall by Mayor Zoran Janković.