Friday, 25. 2. 2022

Parking fee payment also with the EasyPark application

From 1 March onwards, the City of Ljubljana enabled the payment of daily parking fees with the EasyPark mobile application. It is an additional option for parking fee payment in public parking areas along the municipal road carriageway, where parking fees are paid at parking machines.

Users still have access to all current methods of parking fee payment, where payment is made without commission. The parking fee can be paid on the existing Upark mobile application and the Urbana SMS system. This can also be done at parking machines, where coins, the Urbana card and Valu (Moneta) are used as a means of payment.

The mobile application runs on both iOS and Android and can be downloaded:

- for Android devices on Google Play,

- for Apple devices in the App Store,

- directly via the QR code below for Android and Apple devices.

Users will be able to pay the parking fee »after use« with the selected payment method (credit card Visa, Mastercard, Diners or PayPal) and will also be able to prolong their parking remotely. In case of paying the parking fee with the new mobile application, the user pays the parking fee to the parking area manager according to the valid pricelist, and the cost (commission) of using the application is charged and received by the EASYPARK SI d.o.o. company. The amount of the commission is a minimum of 0.10 EUR, including VAT, or 15 percent of the value of the parking fee, but not more than 1.9 EUR.