Monday, 18. 9. 2017

Permanent EMW measure – vehicle speed monitoring with an automated measuring device

In the middle of September 2017, the Municipal Police Department of the City of Ljubljana started monitoring vehicle speed with an automated measuring device in stationary housings.

The housings are mounted on Roška, Dolenjska and Celovška Street. The monitoring locations are going to be marked with a speed monitoring notification sign indicating the vicinity of a location where stationary devices for the detection and recording of speed limit violations are set up.

Speed monitoring with the automated measuring device is one of the permanent measures of this year’s European Mobility Week. Such monitoring is namely foreseen in the National Programme on Road Safety and in choosing the locations the Municipal Police Department followed the Recommendations for Efficient Implementation of Speed Monitoring issued by the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency as these are locations with heavy traffic and high pedestrian frequency in the vicinity of educational institutions or school paths.