Thursday, 26. 1. 2023

PONI LUR: with the new year on a new business path

By the end of 2022, already the sixth group of eleven participants, included in the project An entrepreneurial approach to challenges in the Ljubljana Urban Region (PONI LUR), had completed their entrepreneurial training.

Among the ideas are everything from slightly different restoration of retro furniture, designing unique clothes and fashion accessories, roasting premium Brazilian coffee to making digital personalized greeting cards with a QR code and social board and video games. Again this time, the group was strong in service activities aimed primarily at maintaining mental and physical health.

Certificates for the successful completion of the four-month training course have been traditionally awarded to the participants by Lilijana Madjar, MSc, Director of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR), wishing them success on their business path. She also pointed out that the project is slowly coming to an end during this period. She added that the last group, which will start its work on 1 February 2023, also promises eleven extraordinary ideas. The PONI project is winding up, but it is very encouraging that the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology has recognized the prospects of the project also in the period 2021-2027 and has already provided funds for the implementation of the project. Considering the excellent results and great interest – as many as 71 applications came in for a new group – she expressed her belief that this opportunity will make the journey from making a decision to founding one's own company easier for many.

Detailed presentations of all participants and their business ideas are available here.