Friday, 17. 12. 2021

Ramps increasing accessibility in the city for all

In Ljubljana, we are continuing the pilot project of setting up ramps to facilitate access for the elderly, physically impaired persons and families with baby strollers to shops and places of business in the old city centre, which the City of Ljubljana owns.

After providing the store of the company Dom in Filipov dvorec with a ramp in spring, we have set up an additional eight during the last few days.

By installing ramps, we want to facilitate access to the premises in the old city centre, which are owned by the city, and at the same time encourage private store and business owners to follow the city's example and also modify the entrances to their buildings.

Ljubljana is a city accessible to all

In the area of the City of Ljubljana, we provide easier access to over 200 public buildings of the City of Ljubljana – kindergartens and primary schools, pharmacies, health and sports facilities and administrative buildings.

With the installation of ramps, we further contribute to a higher quality of life in our city and improve accessibility, which falls under the purview of the Council for the elimination of architectural and communication barriers of the City of Ljubljana as an advisory body of the Mayor.

The council seeks to tackle architectural and communication barriers in public areas, for instance, by lowering sidewalk curbs, setting up designated public parking spaces, installing buttons on traffic lights for people with visual impairments, reconstructing public toilets for people with disabilities or equipping buildings with locks for euro keys.