Thursday, 29. 8. 2019

Reception for Janja Garnbret and other top climbers

In front of City Hall we welcomed our top sport climbers led by Janja Garnbret returning from the world championship in Japan.

The Climbing World Championships in Hachioji 2019 was the most successful so far, namely, the Slovenian team returned home with four medals, one Olympic norm and many other top results.

Janje Garnbret’s unbelievable success


The leading name in sport climbing is Janja Garnbret, the only in the history of this sport to win the title of world champion in three different disciplines at one world championship, and at the same time the only one among Slovenian athletes to win three gold medals at one world championship.
In Hachioji she went down in history as the first climber to defend her world champion title in bouldering, then she became the first woman to win in lead climbing and bouldering at the same world championship, and then the only one in the history of sport climbing with the gold medal triplet in lead climbing, bouldering and combined climbing. With six gold medals, in total, she is a woman with the highest number of victories in world championships, in addition to a silver medal, and in Japan she also climbed to the ticked to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and set a personal and Slovenian women’s record in speed.
Her success was complemented by Mia Krampl who won the world vice-champion title in lead climbing.