Monday, 27. 7. 2020

Refreshment at the drinking fountains

In the hot summer days it is nice to refresh oneself with quality drinking water from one of the 42 of Ljubljana’s fountains distributed all over the centre and other parts of the city.

Some of the drinking fountains are located in the city centre, where you cannot miss them because they follow one another from the Pogačar Square to the Upper Square. The citizens of Ljubljana are also very pleased with drinking fountains at popular recreational surfaces, amongst others the Ljubljana Castle, Golovec, the Koseze Pond, Mostec, Rožnik and the Path of Memories and Comradeship. The exact locations of the drinking fountains can be found on the VO-KA site or you can locate the closest fountain using the mobile application Tap Water Ljubljana.

Ljubljana’s drinking fountains are not only an urban decoration for the city, they are also a reminder that in Ljubljana we are drinking good water, and public access to quality drinking water carries a symbolic message as well – water is a natural asset which has to be accessible to all! So let the refreshing natural drinking water inspire you with respect for our environment!

Recommendations for use

We ask citizens and other users of drinking fountains to follow the recommendations below for their own safety and safety of others:

  • touch the button for water only with clean hands or with a clean paper handkerchief or using other protection;
  • press the button and let the water run for a while (until water temperature stabilizes);
  • do not touch the outlet with your hands or mouth;
  • pour the water in a bottle, if possible;
  • if you notice any irregularities, call 00 386 (0)1 58 08 112.