Monday, 13. 7. 2020

Renovated arcades at the Plečnik’s Market

At the start of July we concluded the renovation of the arcades at the Plečnik’s Market within the scope of which we refurbished the roofing and roof tiles in the area from the Dragon Bridge towards the Butcher’s Bridge.

The Plečnik’s Market is an architectural monument of national significance that is why the renovation work was conducted in line with the cultural heritage protection conditions imposed by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. In addition to the renovation of the roof, the work included lighting protection, refurbishment of fixtures and the renovation of the façade.

The Plečnik’s Market together with the Three Bridges and the sluice gate represents a key structure in forming the comprehensive shape of the water axis of the Ljubljanica River. In their design and quality they belong in the top of world architecture.