Tuesday, 3. 7. 2018

Renovated Hostel Celica opened its doors again

One of the most interesting and popular hostels in the world – Hostel Celica – opened its doors again on 1 July 2018. After 15 years in operation and use the comprehensive renovation of the building was much needed, as it brings added value to the living comfort following contemporary tourist trends and reinforces the recognisability and the concept of the global landmark, which in turn promotes Ljubljana’s trademark.

Extent of works and new contemporary solutions

Works, performed by the Lesnina MG Oprema company on the basis of a public tender, involved the comprehensive renovation of surfaces on all three floors of the hostel (renovation of bricks, replacement of ceramic tiles, restoration of wooden floorboards, replacement of screed), repainting of all walls, ceilings and the facade of the building, replacement of furnishings, remodelling of the kitchen and landscaping. The bathrooms and the toilets were completely redone. Furthermore, all mechanical and electric fittings were updated (replacement of worn-out piping and electrical installations).

Hostel Celica

The improvements, that is, new acquisitions include the energy renovation of the heating room, new air-conditioning of the attic, a new cooling and heating system on the first floor and a comprehensive renewal of the cooling and ventilation system for the whole building. Building fire safety has also been improved. In the accommodation facilities a smart locks system for opening doors has been installed.

In a public tender for construction, carpeting and installation services for the renovation of the Hostel Celica within the scope of investment maintenance and for the design and supervision the owner and renovation project investor – the City of Ljubljana – provided 991,280 EUR.

Hostel’s furnishings

After the construction was completed all furnishings in the building were renewed (wooden surfaces were refurbished and repairs made to improve the safety of guests). The majority of kitchen appliances were replaced to increase energy efficiency and the lighting installation was renovated or upgraded to LED technology. The matrasses and bed linen is new, the tables and chairs in the hospitality part have been restored or replaced, and the hospitality inventory completed. Another novelty is air-conditioning in the rooms.

Hostel Celica

A new information infrastructure for optimum management of reservations and hospitality business has been set up, for which the City of Ljubljana provided 250,000 EUR in total. To ensure the successful operation of the hostel and its continuity as well as the recognisability of the hostel in the national and international public an important decision was made, namely, to purchase the trademark Celica as well as copyrights and used equipment, which is an integral part of the building, for which the City of Ljubljana earmarked 200,000 EUR.

Hospitality services

In addition to its core accommodation business, the Hostel Celica will offer hospitality services (starting with breakfast, snacks and drinks from a bar, and with prior arrangement lunch and dinner catering for groups of guests) and additional services (bicycle rental, airport transport, car rental, organising excursions in Slovenia, laundry room, baggage storage, safety boxes, free internet access, information point, souvenir stand …).

Synergy with the Ljubljana Castle and cultural events

In future there will be more synergy with the Ljubljana Castle as the main tourist attraction in the city: hostel residents will get a discount for Castle tickets and the hostel will sell not only Castle tour tickets but also tickets for events. The Hostel Celica will continue to operate in compliance with the Gold Travelife certificate it has received and which we will renew as its manager as it promotes sustainability in tourism, which is also in line with the guidelines of the city of Ljubljana.

Hostel Celica

The public institute Ljubljana Castle will also organise cultural and art events at the Hostel Celica. The two principal guidelines the programme contents is based on are addressing the younger and middle generations of visitors in the narrow area of Metelkova (in addition to hostel guests) as well as linking and harmonising the development of the programme with the interested public and institutions.