Friday, 9. 10. 2020

Renovated Trubar Street - a space for all

The Trubar Street is one of the oldest streets in Ljubljana, as it was first mentioned already in 1802. This is certainly one of the reasons why the Trubar Street is so deeply anchored in the consciousness of the citizens of Ljubljana. That is why they always like coming back.

Preserving the distinct character of the street after the renovation

When the City of Ljubljana, in cooperation with ATELIERarhitekti, decided to completely renovate the Trubar Street together with adjoining streets we wanted to preserve the distinct character of the street and additionally emphasise it with newly planted trees and new details, such as the bronze plate by master Folpert van Ouden Allen from 1660 or the millstone.

Everyone connected

In addition, it is not to be overlooked that the residents of this street, the local shopkeepers, hospitality workers and service providers are very closely connected. That is why every visitor of this street can feel the sense of community among those living and working there. This, in addition to a more bohemian atmosphere, contributes to the unique character of the street.