Wednesday, 3. 5. 2017

Renovation of Ljubljana’s Central Market

The City of Ljubljana is presenting the renovation of the Central Market in Ljubljana which includes an underground parking garage and a new space design friendlier towards visitors as well as to the vendors. You are invited to see the mock-up displayed at the City Hall.

The renovation is aimed at improving the quality of life and work as well as ensuring higher quality of the urban space next to the Dragon Bridge and the Plečnik’s Market, while preserving the cultural heritage and everything else one of the most notable locations in Ljubljana has to offer.

On the ground floor of the Mahr House an indoor market is planned and on its higher floors the City Administration premises. With the move of textile goods into the current covered market the Ljubljana Market is getting additional space and is going to be even greener. The area of the central market with its parking garage promises better work conditions for the vendors, easier access for visitors and parking spaces for residents in the pedestrian zone.

At the same time the burden on the environment is going to decrease by redirecting exhaust gases through the roof of the new extension. And so Ljubljana is following the trend set by European green cities which are providing parking spaces around traffic-free zones. In addition, the space for waste collection and processing is going to be replaced by modern waste collection facilities in the basement.

During construction the market is planned to operate smoothly with some adjustments. Textiles are going to be sold at the Petkovšek Embankment, plants on the Butchers Bridge, and fruit and vegetables at Ciril-Metod Square, Stritar Street and Krek Square, as necessary. The part of the market in the Plečnik’s arcades is going to operate without any disturbances as it is far enough away from the construction site.

The finished project with its stationary traffic and logistics is promising a more spacious green market in line with contemporary sanitary standards, new premises in the renovated Mahr House and a museum centre with the archaeological presentation of the mediaeval Ljubljana.

The area which is now used solely for parking is going to be transformed into a lively space with diverse goods on offer dedicated to citizens and visitors coming to our city.