Thursday, 2. 8. 2018

Renovation of the pier at Koseški bajer completed

The renovation of the wooden platform at Koseški bajer (Koseze Pond), which started in May, has been completed. Koseški bajer is located in the midst of urban space and receives many visitors.

New wooden platform

The reasons that lead to the renovation of the pier at Koseški bajer were the worn-out materials, decay of the construction and consequently the damage of individual elements of the pier.

The worn-out wooden transverse framing was replaced by zinc profiles with attached floorboards made out of Siberian larch. The platform has retained its original shape, we did, however, extend the spacing between battens which increases the ventilation and durability of the wood. At the same time, we have improved the surroundings so you can enjoy your free time even more.

The contractor is JP Snaga, renovations are carried out as part of regular maintenance work. The construction is estimated at around 40.000 EUR.

Renovated pier at Koseški pond, photo: Public Company Snaga

Green oasis

Koseški bajer is located in the midst of urban space and receives many visitors. The surrounding area also includes a learning trail since the area is rich in biodiversity. Nearby there are a children’s playground, outdoor fitness equipment, recreation areas and public drinking fountains, and for a very enjoyable walk you can take the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship.

We ask the visitors to respect the common public space and take care of the environment and pick up rubbish. To those who come to Koseški bajer by car we advise to respect traffic rules and signals and park their car solely on marked parking spaces.