Monday, 11. 11. 2019

Sharing good cycling practices in Ljubljana

Ljubljana as a cycling city is encouraging everyday urban cycling with different measures. We are also sharing good practices in this area internationally. Deputy Mayor Tjaša Ficko attended the annual cycling conference Cycling Scotland 2019 in Edinburg and we also participated in the CIVITAS Forum in Graz.

At the conference Deputy Mayor Tjaša Ficko presented our good practices and activities in the area of cycling and invited the participants to the Velo-city conference, which is going to be held in Ljubljana next year.
The annual conference Cycling Scotland was organised by the Scottish national cycling organisation and within the scope of the conference study visits, workshops and lectures were held. It was attended by over 250 experts, campaign organizers, volunteers as well as national and local politicians, who shared experiences and learned from each other.

Annual conference of the CIVITAS FORUM network

At the beginning of October, we also took part in the annual conference CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz, the main theme of which was »Back to Future«. Within the scope of the conference a representative of the City of Ljubljana, Zdenka Šimonovič, accepted the recognition for great commitment and contribution to the operation of the CIVITAS network.

The CIVITAS FORUM network comprises of over 200 cities which by signing the declaration committed themselves to introducing a clean and sustainable form of urban mobility. It is a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences between cities which are or were participating in the CIVITAS I, CIVITAS II and CIVITAS PLUS initiatives. Ljubljana joined the network in 2005 with the CIVITAS MOBILIS project and latter on with the ELAN project, in which we assumed the leading role as the coordinator of the project.