Monday, 26. 10. 2009

Slovenia is the world's fifth most attractive tourist destination

The National Geographic Traveler rated Slovenia fifth among 133 of the world's tourist destinations.

This time, the rating didn't concentrate on popularity, but on features that display integrity and uniqueness.

The rating was presented by 437 experts in various fields. Slovenia was rated high for being "savvy about balancing tourism with cultural and historical preservation." Ljubljana, the capital, is "colourful, vibrant, and architecturally appealing," and "Slovenia's Alps and wine country remain among the most sustainable and authentic places to visit in Europe."

In the reasons for the rating, Slovenia is also described as the "most eclectic, touristic, intelligent, and authentic destination among all European post-communist countries."

With a score of 78, Slovenia shares the fifth place with Vermont. The Norwegian fjords reached the first place with a score of 85.

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