Wednesday, 2. 3. 2011

Slovenia press photo 2011

Slovenia Press Photo 2011 - the festival of journalistic and documentary photography.

The Institute for the Promotion of Photography has launched Slovenia Press Photo 2011, a festival of journalistic and documentary photography, the third year in a row the event has been held.

As part of the festival, that runs this year from 1 to 7 March, there is also a competition for the best photo by a photojournalist.

The Slovenia Press Photo 2011 competition, which closed at midnight on 2 March 2011, is intended for all professional and quality amateur photographers with permanent abode in Slovenia. A jury of internationally-recognised experts in the fields of photojournalism and photography will select the best works.

The awards ceremony and the opening of an exhibition of the winners and those with honorary mentions from the jury take place in the Left Atrium at Ljubljana City Hall at 8pm on Monday 7 March 2011.

Slovenia Press Photo 2011 Festival Exhibition

Following the successful Slovenia Press Photo festivals in 2009 and 2010, that were accompanied by major exhibitions by internationally-recognised agencies, a rich associated programme has also been prepared this year, including a number of exhibitions.

All Slovenia Press Photo 2011 festival exhibitions are open until Thursday 31 March 2011.

Tuesday, 1.3.2011 at 8pm
Ljubljana Castle, Palacij Hall, Grajska planota 1
Paolo Pellegrin: ‘As I Was Dying’
An exhibition of black and white photography from numerous wars and crisis zones. On display there are photos from Kosovo, Serbia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Haiti, Indonesia and Albania. They depict people and places in exceptional circumstances, caught in the lens of photographer Paolo Pellegrin of internationally-renowned French agency Magnum Photos.

Wednesday, 2.3.2011 at 8pm
Right Atrium at City Hall, Mestni trg 1
‘A retrospective exhibition of the last decade by the AFP Agency’
French agency AFP is one of the three biggest photographic agencies in the world. The exhibition showcases photography of the events of the last decade from every field from all over the world. The exhibition includes about 100 images of the agency’s most renowned photography from the last decade.

Thursday, 3.3.2011 at 8pm
Kresija Gallery, Stritarjeva 6
‘Malnutrition’ (Doctors without Borders and the VII Agency)
The exhibition is a result of partnership between French organisation MSF and the VII photographic agency, whose photographers took part in a project to document the problem of malnutrition in seven diverse areas of the world.

Monday, 7.3.2011 at 8pm
Historical Atrium at City Hall, Mestni trg 1
‘Slovenia Press Photo 2011’
An exhibition of winning works as selected by this year’s international jury.

More about the accompanying programme of the Slovenia Press Photo 2011 festival of journalistic and documentary photography can be found at this link.