Thursday, 20. 6. 2019

Software system for plant data collection

Project partner GDi has developed software application for the management of invasive alien plant species (IAPS).

Experts can use application in the field and draw geographical areas, provide description about invasive plant species and attach plants photos. In the first year, over 1200 geographical areas with IAPS were created via application and over 2000 plant species descriptions were gathered. A new version of the system in 2020 will include also additional mobile application for the citizens. It will provide support for plant recognition that will be based on artificial intelligence methods. Application will hopefully raise awareness and help citizens recognize invasive alien plant species.

Software application was presented on 14. Slovenian Conference On Plant Protection which was held this year in March.

Experts may use application to enter descriptive plants parameters. The set of parameters is different for different plant species. Application also provides module for work orders so that actions such as plant removal and plant monitoring can be planned by the City of Ljubljana. Search tools enable to find area with IAPS that are required for specific products and help to estimate the potential, available amount of IAPS for the production of products. Companies, that are executing work orders, can simply report their work via application, attach photos and provide an updated information about the plant growth. By this, the information about IAPS growth and removal are kept updated through time.
The collected data will be available as open data and one will be able to download them from November this year from the Applause web site.