Wednesday, 23. 8. 2023

Technology Park Ljubljana at the forefront of European technology parks

Dr. Jernej Pintar, Director of the Technology Park Ljubljana, was elected President of the European Division of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP). Technology parks from all over Europe have chosen Ljubljana mainly because of the significant engagement of the Technology Park Ljubljana on a global level, establishing its reputation among much larger cities.

In the presidential race, Ljubljana faced off against London, one of the most advanced technological cities. The London rival was the modern and exciting technology park Here East, which Britain developed from the London Olympic Village 2012. It is headed by Gavin Poole, a long-time commander of one wing of the British Air Force, and immediately after the elections, he and Dr. Pintar signed a cooperation agreement.

The mandate of Dr. Jernej Pintar as President of the European Division of the International Association of Science Parks and as member of the IASP Board of Directors, where each continent has its own division and president, is for two years.

IASP is the leading association of innovation ecosystems worldwide, coordinating an active network of managers of innovation areas, science parks, research parks, innovation districts, knowledge cities and other innovation spaces. Technology Park Ljubljana has been a full member of IASP since 1997 and is the only technology park from Slovenia that is included in IASP.

Upon election, Dr. Jernej Pintar said: »As President of the European Division of IASP, I will work in two key areas. I will strive to deliver better projects that can further connect us and strengthen our communities and cooperation between our technology companies. I am proud that Ljubljana managed to beat a strong competitor, the global technology hub London, and even more that we did it in a way that resulted in cooperation and development. Gavin and London are powerful partners – we are delighted to learn from them and create breakthrough stories together. Taking over the management of IASP represents a great challenge for me, as we have enormous development potential, which must be realized. And that can only happen with a lot of work. Every day, without excuse. Fortunately, this is the main card of Ljubljana, so I know we can succeed. I am convinced that we can make our region a top model of technology park cooperation and thus a good practice for other continents.«