Wednesday, 25. 3. 2020

Technology Park Ljubljana contributing to the development of respirators

There are only 168 respirators in Slovenia and we would need it at least 100 more! As time is not on our side and the delivery periods are long, the Technology Park Ljubljana has been actively trying to bring together the Slovenian technology community into a team of engineers who would develop the presently most important support device for serious coronavirus patients.

The group is comprised of top engineers from global tech companies, doctors from the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, companies performing R&D free of charge and organisations bringing participants together, providing them with equipment and support – the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, the Jožef Stefan Institute, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the TECOS company, the Technology Park Ljubljana and others.

The first respirator prototypes “took their first breath” a few days ago and further models are being developed.


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