Tuesday, 10. 5. 2022

The first concert under the new roof of Križanke

On 9 May 2022, as part of the celebration of the city holiday, we also started a new season of the Križanke Summer Theatre, which now has a new roof.

We installed a new, modern roof over the Križanke Summer Theatre, designed by Prof. Peter Gabrijelčič, with a group of engineers from Architecta d.o.o.

The roof is structurally comprised of 13 arched steel space beams with a span of 32 to 35 meters, interconnected and mounted on only eight 12-metere high slender columns with a diameter of 42 centimeters. The construction is entirely free-standing and erected away from the buildings of the Secondary School of Design and Photography. The surface area of the roof is 1523 m2. The entire upper surface of the construction system is covered with a slightly translucent canvas membrane and snow protection screens, and on the underside, there is a secondary tarp, which is essential for ensuring good acoustics and preventing condensation. On the side bordering the street Zoisova cesta, there are lateral side curtains that will serve as wind and rain protection. They are equipped with safety systems to close automatically in case of excessive wind.