Monday, 19. 8. 2019

The first smart basketball court within the framework of the #Podamdaigramcampaign

Together with one of the best Slovenian basketball players of all time Goran Dragić we opened Slovenia’s first smart basketball court in Ljubljana.

As he promised already at the #gogitalk event in June, Goran Dragić started a charitable campaign renovating basketball courts. The court in Tivoli Park is the first renovated court within the framework of the charitable campaign #podamdaigram (#passtoplay).

I want to give the courts their »soul« back


It isn’t a one-time court renovation, it is a live project enabling Gogi to connect with the youth throughout the year and nurture the culture of sports and movement. Workshops are going to be carried out, trainings organised and there will be no shortage of adrenaline basketball tournaments which will give the courts their old »soul« back.

»I would like to give something back to the environment I came from and which formed me into the person and athlete I am today,« sad the Miami Heat basketball player Goran Dragić at the project announcement.

Intertwining movement and education

The aim of the renovation is to create a space where the youth can participate in sports activities and socialize. The renovated court is the first smart court in Slovenia as is intertwining movement with education. The main feature of the court are certainly the information boards with basic and advanced basketball exercises designed by Gogi, and all exercises are going to be interactively enriched on a sports and educational web platform using QR codes. The aim of the platform is to combine sports, education and fun through different sports and educational contents using contemporary web and mobile tools. Gogi is going to be the main player here as he established himself as a role model especially among the youth.

The stakeholders in the first smart court are, in addition to the City of Ljubljana, the public institute Ljubljana Sport and Leisure Facilities, the public company JP Vodovod kanalizacija, Sport Element and Taurus. The approximate cost of the project is around 100,000 EUR, VAT excluded. The works started on 8.7.2019 and concluded on 12.8.2019.