Tuesday, 11. 12. 2018

The Ljubljana Moustache Tour the best cycling tour in Europe

The sightseeing tour of Ljubljana, called the Moustache Tour, won in the December issue of the easyJet Traveller Magazine the title of the best guided cycling tour in Europe.

The Moustache Tour is not a classic tour, it is a tour guiding visitors through the secretive Ljubljana and through the lives of three great moustachioed men: architect Jože Plečnik, painter Rihard Jakopič and writer Ivan Cankar. All three were daring in their own way and had a moustache. As great artists they left a permanent mark on Ljubljana and Slovenia.

The Moustache Tour conjures up an authentic retro atmosphere with visits to a barbershop, the visionary room of the Architect, the favourite bar of the Writer and the National Gallery of the Painter. The three moustached men also leave three unexpected clues during the tour. At the end of the tour visitors get to relax with a Slovenian refreshment and a surprise at the graphics studio International Centre of Graphic Arts.

You can go on the Moustache Tour again in spring, from 1 April, each Friday at 15:00.

The easyJet Traveller Magazine published 12 best alternative travel experiences of 2018, and according to its editor Jonny Ensall the awards put the spotlight on the most authentic experiences that »give us goosebumps«.