Monday, 13. 6. 2016

The new Rog Centre

In early June 2016, a project of urban, architectural and programme revival of the area of the former Rog bicycle factory started, which was converted into the Rog Centre, and thus setting up a new cultural centre for the widest range of users.

Its users will be allocated 5,526 m2 of net usable area intended exclusively for cultural activities, understood in very broad terms. These will include about 30 flexible production facilities, dedicated to groups and individuals, a general library, a medium-sized venue and exhibition hall and a larger production area for the search of synergies between art, culture, science and university. Approximately 1,700 m2 will be devoted to the support facilities. Around the premises, there will be arranged park areas and parking spaces in the basement. The whole area of reconstruction of the factory includes more than 10,000 m2.

The building of the Rog factory is an important part of industrial and cultural heritage, which will be fully restored. Along with the supporting, reinforced concrete structure with window openings, the southern front will be preserved in its original form and image, remaining the main, entrance façade of the Rog Centre along the embankment 'Petkovškovo nabrežje'. The rear, that is the northern façade will be added a glazed extension, where there will be outer corridors, stairways, freight and passenger lift to ensure equal and transparent access to all premises in the centre. Due to the specific activities of the Rog Centre all floors will be provided with access by the freight lift thereby allowing maximum usability of premises and communication among them. The production facilities will be designed to be open and flexible to allow any increase or decrease in the size of individual workshops and studios.

The first phase of the project, which has already started, is ecological rehabilitation and demolition of extensions of the Rog factory. The reconstruction works of the main building will be started in 2017 and it is expected the project to be completed in 2019. The rehabilitation began on 6 June 2016, but was suspended due to the obstruction of temporary users. Since 2007, they have been at all times involved in determining the programme content for this area, including a three-year development project SecondChance. In cooperation with some temporary users who have approached us, we are already looking for solutions to their continued operation, while the other remaining temporary users are still invited to do so. The City of Ljubljana will do its best to listen to their proposals of how to embed their programs and the desired mode of operation of the Rog Centre, despite the fact that they have not done so yet. To restore a degraded area, such as Rog, while at the same time having users in the rooms is technically not feasible.

The Rog Centre will be a project, which will fully include public and non-profit programmes with an innovative management model only. At the creative crossroads of artists, creators, performers of community programmes and all individuals or groups interested in creative activity, the focus will be on community land use, new technologies and new forms of governance.

Through its activities, the Rog Centre will be turned into one of the biggest cultural programmes in the country, providing integration of different artistic practices and institutions, NGOs and individuals from Slovenia and abroad.