Thursday, 5. 12. 2013

The pionirski dom centre for youth culture exhibits in moscow

Children art gallery Izopark in Moscow exhibits the works of young artists, who participated in the Art Centre of Pionirski Dom between the years 2011 and 2013.

On the initiative of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, the Pionirski Dom Centre for Youth Culture is exhibiting at IZOPARK, displaying 100 children's paintings and drawings that were created between years 2011-2013.

Forty young artists, between 5 and 12 years, created their works in the Art Centre under the supervision from the following mentors: Iztok Amon (Drawing and Painting teacher), Sara Filipovič (Drawing and Painting teacher), and Rosalia Arnšek (Sculpture teacher).

The works displayed were painted using different and simple painting techniques including charcoal drawing, pencil, ink, tempera, assemblage, collage and a combination of these techniques.
The IZOPARK gallery in Moscow is a children's cultural centre, where children of all ages work under the supervision from experienced teachers during extra-curricular classes, lectures and workshops, creating the world of art that they know and understand. As they create, draw, tape and construct, they simultaneously learn about art history and explore the works of great artists. An important role of the children's centre is exhibiting children’s works, not only their own but also the collections of young artists from art schools and artistic studies across Moscow. The centre also organizes regional and international exhibitions of children's art. Besides this, every year more than 45 exhibitions take place in an exhibition area covering more than 130 m2. Each of these is unique and full of unconventional solutions.

Pionirski Dom organized the exhibition in cooperation with the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Ljubljana and the Slovenian Embassy in Russia. The exhibition thus represents the start of a closer cooperation between the two institutions active in the field of children and youth education.