Saturday, 13. 3. 2010

The president of croatia visits city hall

On Friday 12 March 2010 Mayor Zoran Janković welcomed Ivo Josipović, new President of Croatia, who was on an official visit to Slovenia, to City Hall in Ljubljana.

Ivo Josipović was born in Zagreb on 28 August 1957. After finishing high school, he graduated in law in 1980 and after his masters completed his PhD doctorate in 1994. He represented Croatia at the International Court and the International Criminal Court for the Former Yugoslavia and worked as an expert of the Council of Europe on prison conditions in the Ukraine, Moldavia and Azerbaijan.
After completing secondary music school he finished his composition. He has since composed 50 works for symphonic orchestra and chamber music and received a series of domestic and international awards (including Porin 1999 and 2000).

He was a member of the Croatian league of Communists from 1980 and worked on the writing and shaping of the statute of the Croatian Social Democratic Party. In 1994, he abandoned politics and devoted himself to law and the arts. In 2003 he returned to politics and was as an independent representative on the list of the SDP elected council. He was vice president of the SDP club. In 2005 he was elected as a representative of the SDP in the Zagreb City Assembly, and in 2007 he was re-elected to the Croatian Sabor.

He and his wife Tatjana, who is also a graduate of the Zagreb Faculty of Law, have an 18-year-old daughter Lana.