Monday, 10. 5. 2010

The walk along the wire and the trio race

On Saturday 8 May the 54th 'Walk along the Wire' around Ljubljana and the Trio Race took place.

The 'Walk along the Wire' follows the route of a 35-kilometre wire fence erected by Italian and later German occupying forces during the Second World War that encircled Ljubljana and separated it from its surroundings. As well as the walkers' event the day is notable for the Trio Race, which is in all likelihood the only such event in the world. The basic idea of the event is to encourage exercise, health and a sporting way of life in addition to socialising in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The Walk along the Wire was first organised in 1957, and thus the event has an outstanding tradition. Besides commemorating the liberation of Ljubljana (9 May 1945) at the end of the Second World War, as early as the first time the event was held the aim was to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle, which is also its primary goal today. Above all, in the last decade the number of people who choose to join the walk or the trio race has been increasing every year, and it is thus one of the most popular recreational events in Slovenia in which more than 30,000 people take part each year.

Traditionally, the event is organised at the beginning of May at the weekend closest to 9 May, when the City of Ljubljana celebrates Peace Day (formerly Victory Day), the same day that since the accession of Slovenia to the EU Slovenes have joined the citizens of other European countries in celebrating Europe Day. This year, the event also coincided with celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Ljubljana and the victory over fascism.

The Walk along the Wire is also intended for those who are less able to walk long distances, as, in line with their capabilities, they may choose distances of 3 to 35 kilometres. Preparation is not necessary.

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