Sunday, 25. 7. 2021

TIME Magazine: Ljubljana among the world's greatest places

The world-renowned news magazine Time has included Ljubljana on this year's list of the 100 best tourist destinations in the world, naming it the culinary capital and also mentioning the Cukrarna Gallery in its review.

The editorial office of the American magazine Time has included in this year's list of the most unique destinations in the world the places that have revived their tourist offer in the most ingenious, creative and innovative way after the corona crisis in the previous period. The list of 100 unique destinations includes places that offer new and interesting experiences, among them Ljubljana. The inclusion of Ljubljana is above all a recognition that we are successfully building the image of a leading, creative and high-quality tourist destination.

Ljubljana – the culinary capital with an excellent offer

The editors of the Time recognized the excellence of the Ljubljana gastronomic scene, which in their opinion gained even more impetus with the arrival of the first Michelin guide in 2020. In their review, they highlighted the Michelin winner in Ljubljana, the restaurant Atelje and the degustation menus of chef Jorg Zupan, and they were also impressed with the Open Kitchen, which they see as one of the most popular culinary traditions in the city. Among the best novelties of Ljubljana they list the environmentally friendly hostel the Fuzzy Log, where guests can also sleep in tents on the roof terrace.

Cukrarna – a multi-purpose cultural venue

In its review, the Time also mentions the Cukrarna Gallery, a renovated 19. century sugar refinery that will soon come to life as a new multi-purpose cultural venue. With the Cukrarna Gallery, Ljubljana will acquire the largest exhibition space, suitable also for large and demanding exhibitions and a space for events in the field of culture and art as well as education.