Tuesday, 20. 3. 2018

Together For a More Beautiful Ljubljana

Again this year, Ljubljana is preparing the traditional spring cleaning campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana. Between 22 March, World Water Day, and 22 April, World Earth Day, numerous activities are planned emphasising the significance of clean, green, well-managed and sustainably oriented Ljubljana.


Best Apartment Building in Ljubljana 2017

The campaign starts with the award of the title Best Apartment Building in Ljubljana aimed at motivating residents in multi-family residential buildings to contribute to the best of their ability to their building’s image of clean, well-managed and environment friendly co-living.

This year the theme of World Water Day is Nature for Water

The campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana traditionally starts on World Water Day, which was declared by the UN General Assembly. In the spotlight this year is the understanding that answers to the challenges we are facing in the area of water are hidden in nature. On Saturday, 24 March, at 10:00 at the water plant Kleče, there is a discussion with citizens on caring for water and nature. Under the slogan Nature for Water we want to spread awareness that drinking water is our common responsibility and that with small changes in our attitude towards green and environment friendly practices we can do a lot of good for the quality of drinking and underground water.

Forest Hours with Mala ulica

Within the scope of the campaign, the public institute Mala ulica (Little Street) is introducing Forest Hours, Saturday walks in the forest intended for schoolchildren from the 1st to the 5th grade, starting on Saturday, 24 March. Every Saturday children will climb to the top of Rožnik Hill taking different routes, and there they will have fun learning about the forest and using forest materials in their creations.

Earth Hour

On Saturday, 24 March, for the seventh year running, we are joining the international environmental initiative Earth Hour by turning off, between 20:30 and 21:30, the exterior lights on some buildings as well as the exterior lighting at the Ljubljana Castle, Plečnik’s Arcades at the main Ljubljana market and Plečnik’s proplya at the Žale cemetery.

Day for Change

Within the framework of the campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana, the public institute Young Dragons is joining the 9th pan-Slovenian voluntary campaign Day for Change organised each year at the beginning of April by the Slovene Philanthropy.
The Young Dragons' campaign Connected in Colours is aimed at supporting a stronger and more connected community of the residential area BS3.

Help the city bee

As part of the campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana we are continuing the project Help the Bee: Plant Flowers in the City encouraging citizens to plant their balconies with honey plants to provide city bees with sufficient forage in times of shortage.
Bees are going to be in the centre of attention especially between 7 and 21 April during the open doors days organised by urban beekeepers in Ljubljana, and different tours are planned within the framework of the Bee Path.

From harmful to useful non-native plants with active inclusion of citizens

Together with members of the Slovenian Geocaching Club, association of geotreasure seekers, we are conducting a voluntary campaign to revamp the Collection Centre Povšetova where we are going to set up an area for bringing in invasive alien plants for the needs of the European project APPLAUSE. Volunteers will thoroughly clean the space, equip it in line with circular economy principles and plant the area.
Within the framework of the campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana and the APPLAUSE project we are also preparing the exhibition Unused Potential of Invasive Non-Native Plants which is going to be on display in the Glass Atrium of the City Hall from 11 April. Within its scope we are presenting our activities so far in the area of processing invasive alien plants and the aforementioned project which addresses the unsolved questions with regard to invasive alien plants management in terms of the »zero waste« approach and circular economy, and it is based on education and cooperation with the citizens of Ljubljana.

Promotion of cycling

In Ljubljana we are using different measures to promote the development of city cycling as one of most efficient as well as environment and society friendly types of mobility. As a reminder, last year, due to numerous improvements in this area, we took the high 8th place on the list of most bicycle friendly cities in the world (Copenhagenize Bicycle Friendly Cities Index 2017). As part of this year’s campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana we are showing our support for these efforts by joining the Cities for Cyclists network. On Thursday, 19 April, we are preparing cycling themed events, with which we are underscoring our sustainable commitment to be an even more bicycle friendly city.

The campaign Man, Take Care of Your City focusing on the importance of picking up dog waste

Spring is the right time to carry on the activities of the socially responsible campaign Man, Take Care of Your City. Within the scope of the campaign we are focusing on raising awareness among citizens about the importance of picking up dog waste. The main event is planned at the conclusion of the campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana on Saturday, 21 April, in the Tivoli Park where we are going to use an interesting approach to demonstrate the consequences of leaving dog waste in the environment. Taking part in the campaign by giving out dog waste bags are the city inspectors and members of the Young Dragons’ field team, the Street Dragons, who are the ambassadors of the campaign Man, Take Care of Your City.

In the field we are otherwise noticing that most walkers carry dog waste bags with them and the number of dog owners using them is increasing. Unfortunately, there are still some unconscientious owners among them who are not picking up their pets’ waste.

At the conclusion the traditional Ljubljanica clean-up

At the conclusion of the campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana, on Saturday, 21 April, Ljubljana Tourism and the Vivera Society for Underwater Activities are organising the traditional cleaning of the Ljubljanica River from Špica to the Dragon’s Bridge. This is the 27th consecutive year the campaign is organised and it has developed into a very popular tourist event alongside its ecological mission. Taking part are divers from the Vivera Society for Underwater Activities and other diving clubs affiliated with the Slovenian Diving Association, as well as members of other associations – environmental protection organisations, fishing societies, fire brigades, boating societies, rescue services... Cultural activities are planned along the Ljubljanica River in the city centre, and passers-by are going to receive honey flowers as a token of appreciation for their concern for a clean environment.

Cleaning campaigns

Numerous spring cleaning activities are going to be carried during the campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana, too. They are organised by district communities, tourist and other associations operating in Ljubljana, as well as individuals and groups of citizens who care about our environment. Joining them is the staff of the city administration and public companies and institutes under the City of Ljubljana.

Taking part in cleaning activities in district communities are also younger individuals who have previously damaged urban equipment, namely, as an educational measure instead of charging them, as agreed with them and their parents.

Together we can make sure that our city shines in all its beauty, so join the campaign For a More Beautiful Ljubljana!