Tuesday, 27. 12. 2022

Together for holidays without blasts from firecrackers

Again this year, Ljubljana is joining everyone who is warning in the run-up to the holidays that the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices is dangerous for both people and animals. Let's say »No, thanks!« to pyrotechnic products, and let's make sure the holidays are peaceful and relaxed for everyone.

Little Pyromaniac Shop at the Gmajnice Animal Shelter

The Gmajnice Animal Shelter launched an online campaign Little Pyromaniac Shop (Piromanček shop) during the festive December, where animal-themed donations are available, with which you can contribute to the socialization of dogs with behavioural problems at the Abandoned Animal Shelter Ljubljana. You can choose between different packages (Cap bomb – Pasja bombica, Beast – Mrcina, Scratch and bite – Praska in grize and the XXL package for little pyromaniacs – XXL paket za piromančke), and by doing so, support the operation of the shelter.

Artwork on fire

Again this year, the City of Ljubljana is joining the socially responsible campaign »Firecrackers? No, thanks!«, with which the advertising company TAM-TAM, in cooperation with its partners, urges the general public not to use pyrotechnics.
Again this time, the campaign focuses on the unpleasant consequences experienced by animals because of pyrotechnics. The already well-known heroes of the campaign, Bird, Dog and Cat, were depicted this year with the help of gunpowder. In »gunpowder art«, gunpowder was applied to a white canvas, and the three main characters of the campaign were drawn with it. Then gunpowder sealed the illustrations with a gentle flame, they were later digitized and prepared for the printing of city posters and used as web content. In other words – they created works of art on fire!

The use of pyrotechnics is prohibited in the Landscape Park

In the area of the entire Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška Hill Landscape Park, where the use of all pyrotechnic devices is prohibited throughout the year, we will perform controls on the use of pyrotechnics during the holiday season, in cooperation with the Police.
Animals can hear the blasts far more intensely than humans, and in winter, they are even more sensitive, so any additional excitement causes them tremendous stress and excessive energy consumption.