Saturday, 3. 7. 2021

Tree of the Year 2021

In Ljubljana, an internationally recognized Tree City, we will choose the Tree of the Year again this year. As always, we leave the decision on the candidates for this title entirely to the citizens.

Many trees grow in Ljubljana with unique stories and a special place in the hearts of the residents of our city. The primary purpose of the Tree of the Year campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of trees for our city. With the campaign we want to encourage the observation of trees and the citizens' understanding of their importance for the quality of life in the city. The chosen tree will already be the third tree in Ljubljana, symbolically representing all other trees in the city.

Ljubljana is an internationally recognized Tree City

Ljubljana has been recognized as a Tree City within the Tree Cities of the World program for two years in a row. The award was presented to us by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which in this way encourage cities to take care of their trees. Ljubljana is one of 120 cities from 63 countries with this title.

The importance of urban trees for the quality of life

In the City of Ljubljana, we are aware of the immense importance of city trees, so we strive to preserve each tree in the city, and we are continuously planting new ones. As part of regular maintenance, we plant from 300 to 600 trees in avenues on public green surfaces each year. Many trees are additionally planted when renovating streets, roads, parking lots and creating new surfaces. We are also caring for fruit trees in city orchards and are carrying out afforestation of forests. We take care of trees on the land owned by the City of Ljubljana and in public areas following professional guidelines, and we are also constantly raising the awareness of owners of private land on which trees grow about the proper handling of trees.