Thursday, 9. 8. 2018

Two new children’s playgrounds bringing smiles to children’s faces

During the summer, we opened two new children’s playgrounds, one in Galjevica and another in Nove Jarše along Clevelandska 21.

Playground Galjevec

Based on the initiative of the local inhabitants we have constructed on the green area by Ulica borcev za severo mejo a new children’s playground. On the playground we have also installed five new items of playground equipment and some park equipment (benches and bins).

180803 Igrisce Galjevec foto Arhiv Snaga d.o.o. 2

180803 Igrisce Galjevec foto Arhiv Snaga d.o.o. 5

180803 Igrisce Galjevec foto Arhiv Snaga d.o.o. 3

Playground in Nove Jarše

By Clevelandska 21 we have constructed a safety foundation made out of small rocks in accordance with current standards and installed five items of playground equipment, two benches and a waste bin.

180802 igrisce Nove Jarse Arhiv Snaga 4

180802 igrisce Nove Jarse Arhiv Snaga 5 

Playgrounds for everybody

In the City Municipality of Ljubljana special attention is paid to children, because if a city is suitable for children it is suitable for everybody. Therefore, we renovate (ca. 15) playgrounds or construct new ones. We are particularly proud of the wonderful new extensive playgrounds at Kodeljevo, Park Muste and Šmartinski park, where the playground equipment is adjusted also to children with disabilities.

All 214 public children’s playgrounds in the municipality are admission free, which enables for all the children time to play and enjoy their free time. It’s important for children to have fun but above all else to keep them safe and that is our main guideline when tending and maintaining the playgrounds and constructing new ones.

Quality and ingenuity are our main guidelines for construction. Public company Snaga is in charge of the maintenance of the playgrounds.