Tuesday, 4. 9. 2018

We develop it for you: the student park in front of the Bežigrad Grammar School

The students of the Bežigrad Grammar School provided the incentive for the development of the park.

The development is in its final phase and consists of the development of pathways and placement of urban furniture (benches and chess tables), the installation of water and the placement of a water fountain, as well as the trimming of trees and bushes.
We have also formed a small green surface where students of the Bežigrad Grammar School and nearby residents and visitors will be able to spend time together in the shade.

180828 Park Bezigrad vir OVO 01

Over 90 hectares of new green surfaces

We are transforming the degraded, disregarded and undeveloped parts of the city into new green surfaces, and therefore contributing to the mitigation of climate change, as well as to more quality outdoor leisure activities for residents and visitors of Ljubljana (parks, gardens, playgrounds, urban orchards, etc.).