Wednesday, 5. 9. 2012

‘We do care’

The Jakopič Promenade in Tivoli Park is currently the venue of a National Geographic photographic exhibition entitled ‘We do care: an inspiration to everyone to take care of our planet’.

The collection features 120 large-format photos of scenes from nature from the USA and Slovenia, shot by renowned National Geographic photographers.

The scenes from nature captured in the camera lens are a constant reminder and inspiration to us all. We must not allow ourselves to forget that this is the only planet we have. It’s worth looking after.

The exhibition, whose message is to draw attention to the importance of conserving our natural world, has also been organised in support of recent efforts by ecologists to clean Slovenia of the menace of fly tipping. The Slovenian campaigns (2010 and 2012) have been the most effective among such campaigns to date, as they drew in about 13% of the total national population.

A curtain-raising event was accompanied by a fashion show called ‘PullOver Games’, in which the YOUNG@SQUAT modern designers played in a creative way with the concept of recycling and thereby reminded us of the urgency of focusing of sustainable development.

Why not take a stroll around Ljubljana’s Tivoli–Rožnik Hill–Šiška Hill Landscape Park and have a look at the National Geographic exhibition on the Jakopič Promenade.