Thursday, 25. 5. 2023

We have opened a new park at Ljubhospic House

On the open day of the Ljubhospic House, 25 May 2023, we opened the new Hradecki Park with a walking ramp, which is designed to offer a retreat into nature for both the inhabitants of the house and their visitors as well as all other surrounding residents and visitors.

The Hradecki Park, designed by Ljubljana Pharmacy, covers an area of 2,000 m2 between Hradecki Street and the Ljubljanica River. Using a ramp that starts at road level, users descend to a pergola and a concrete niche, where they can find peace next to the fountain in a pleasant green environment. We paid particular attention to ensuring easy access for people with mobility impairments. The architectural design with greenery was designed by Atelier Hočevar and the work was carried out by the company KPL d.o.o. The authors of the park are Aleksander Vujovič, Master of Architectural Engineering, Branko Hojnik, Academic Painter, and Primož Hočevar, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering.

At the opening of the park, the director of Ljubljana Pharmacy and Ljubhospic House, Dr. Marjan Sedej, said: »Ljubljana Pharmacy has been enabling the operation of Ljubhospic House for seven years with the mission to offer free hospice palliative care to the terminally ill and psychosocial support to relatives. Opposite the house, we have built a walking park, which is intended for mostly mobile users in a wheelchair or bed, while their relatives can retreat here in the worst moments when faced with mortality and the loss of a loved one. Of course, all other visitors are also welcome in the park. The park is named after Janez Nepomuk Hradecki, who was the mayor of Ljubljana for 26 years and significantly contributed to its development in the first half of the 19th century. His greatness was shown in his concern for the little man, for the poor. We should all emulate him. Therefore, I would also like to call upon those responsible to finally organise long-term care and comprehensive hospice care within its framework. I invite you to visit the Ljubhospic House, where you will learn what kind of culture of parting and death we live in Ljubhospic and how beautiful relationships can develop even in the last days of life. I am convinced that after gaining this knowledge, your relations, too, will be better, more tolerant and friendly.«

The visitors were also addressed by Mayor Zoran Janković, who emphasized that the Ljubljana Pharmacy, under the leadership of Dr. Marjan Sedej, is doing an exceptional job as the main supporter of the Ljubhospic House, thus enabling free care for the seriously ill. »This time, they once again demonstrated socially responsible behaviour with the construction of the park. The Hradecki Park on once inaccessible land is a great acquisition. I congratulate and thank everyone involved in this project. I am convinced that the citizens of Ljubljana will feel good here, and the residents of the house and their loved ones will find a quiet corner in nature. If we need care in the last period of our lives, we will be happy if we spend our last days in this park and the Ljubhospic House with their exceptional care and a compassionate attitude towards the residents.« He also called upon the authorities to organize and include hospice palliative care in the health system, meaning that part of the funds for the operation of hospices could also be provided by the state.

The Ljubhospic House is still the only inpatient hospice in the country that provides comprehensive hospice palliative care with accommodation to chronically ill patients with an incurable disease in late palliative care and in the process of dying. The house, under the patronage of the Ljubljana Pharmacy, has been in operation since February 2016. Funds for free care and accommodation for all users are thus provided.

Comprehensive continuous care is provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals who, following international hospice palliative care standards, provide health care, palliative health care, and psychosocial and spiritual support to the dying and their relatives before death, upon death and during the grieving process.