Friday, 4. 1. 2019

We have received a certificate for ensuring a healthy lifestyle

The European Healthy Cities Network, which functions under the aegis of the World Health Organisation, recognised Ljubljana as one of the leading cities in terms of ensuring a health living environment.

A Healthy City is a city that, through all of its activities, leads through awareness that health and the environment are key values, and that healthcare is the responsibility of all local politicians and not just the healthcare system.

The City of Ljubljana received a certificate from the World Health Organisation for its exceptional contribution and commitment to the promotion of health, for maintaining and promoting a healthy lifestyle and as praise for its active approach and substantive contribution of the functioning of the European Healthy Cities Network in the period 2014 to 2018.

In terms of content, we placed special attention on improving the health of all and on reducing health inequalities. We participated in activities through content and presentations (in recent years, we have presented the city at annual conferences, through activities for the elderly, persons with disabilities and the homeless, through our LGBT-friendly certificate, through activities in the area of gender equality, etc.) intended for the city’s citizens.

We are proud that our work has also been recognised abroad as an example of good practice, while that in itself demonstrates our commitment to upgrade activities to promote health, and to maintain and encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst the city’s residents.