Monday, 17. 6. 2019

We hosted the EUROCITIES Working Group Meeting

On 12 and 13 June, Ljubljana hosted EUROCITIES Working Group Meetings on Urban Aging and Barrier Free Cities in which we are actively participating.

EUROCITIES Working Group Urban Aging is primarily working on raising awareness and improving strategies for age-friendly environments in cities with the aim of sharing good practices, facilitating connections and cooperation between cities, and influencing EU policies in the field of active and healthy aging.

The main theme of this meeting with the title Building cities accessible to all ages was accessibility. The EUROCITIES Working Group Barrier Free Cities was also invited to the meeting, especially because of the silver recognition Access City Award the City of Ljubljana has received for 2018.

We have received the recognition mainly because of our broad approach to accessibility encompassing the whole population. This is already the third recognition within the scope of this competition (for 2012 we received a special commendation, and for 2015 a bronze recognition), which further strengthens Ljubljana’s position in the top of European cities in the field of accessibility for people with disabilities.

For many years the City of Ljubljana has been carrying out activities for ensuring accessibility to people with disabilities. Our activities span over numerous areas, from education, sports, culture, social assistance and health to transport infrastructure, as ensuring accessibility is one of our priorities.