Friday, 1. 6. 2018

Welcome to Sava Beach

In Ljubljana, at the Sava River, we set up the Sava Beach.

The beach is located in the Natura 2000 area, natural values area of the Sava River and ecologically significant area, where land development is very restricted, that is why the set-up was confined to restoring the bank, providing access to the water and constructing concrete platforms for sunbathing. Access for emergency services (firefighters) was also provided, as there was none.

The beach is intended for sunbathing, not swimming.

The works were performed by the company Hidrotehnik d.o.o., the value of the whole investment (including projects and construction supervision) is just above 270,000 EUR, including VAT.

Sava Beach

Impressed first visitors

Aleš: »You’ve done a great job. Bravo. I especially like that the renovation is sustainable. It’s a pity, that you included only a smaller part, so I propose you renovate the bank the same way at least to the tennis courts.«

Marija added: »I’m thrilled. As a child I spent a lot of time at the Sava River and I hope we will be able to enjoy ourselves again here. Setting up toilets was a great idea. It would be appreciated if you were to continue with the renovation and add catering services… Otherwise, I’m really impressed.«