Monday, 12. 3. 2012

'Welcome to Spring – Gregorčki'

For the seventeenth consecutive year, the 'Welcome to Spring – Gregorčki' traditional children's event took place on the Gradaščica stream at Eipprova Street on Sunday 11 March.

'Welcome to Spring' is an event through which we in Ljubljana remember the old custom of craftsmen placing little boats made from wooden clogs onto the river with lit candles and thus celebrated the fact that with the arrival of spring it would no longer be necessary to work with the lights on.

According to the old Julian calendar, spring arrived on St Gregory's Day, which is 12 March.

On the evening before St Gregory's Day, mostly children gather along the Gradaščica stream in Trnovo to launch various kinds of boats made of paper or wood into which candles are placed. These floating lights are called 'little arks of St Gregory' or "Gregorčke". To enhance the fairytale atmosphere still further, numerous torches and bonfires are lit on the banks of the Gradaščica.