Thursday, 10. 5. 2012

Wireless internet

The City of Ljubljana has signed a contract with Telekom Slovenija and the NIL company on a public-private partnership to build and implement the largest wireless network in the region.

On 26 April 2012, the City of Ljubljana and its private partners, Telekom Slovenija and NIL, signed a contract on a public-private partnership for a project to build and implement a wireless network across the whole territory of the City of Ljubljana.

It is a unique project in the world, in that, via a comprehensive integrated approach, it deals with a great number of areas of importance for the work of local communities to such a large spatial and organisational extent.

Residents of Ljubljana will thus acquire the use of a new wireless broadband network for internet access. All residents of and visitors to Ljubljana are to have free-of-charge access to the worldwide web for an hour a day, and web access to the City of Ljubljana’s services will be free at all times.

The first wireless access points in the city centre will start operating in the autumn of this year. Up to spring 2014, around 1,500 wireless points will be set up throughout the City of Ljubljana. All 115 public institutes and companies whose founder is the City of Ljubljana are to be united in a single business network, involving 326 individual locations, which means that we are to unite their landline and mobile telephone networks and thus raise efficiency and lower costs of their operation. A common data centre will unify the IT infrastructure of the city administration and the City’s public institutes and companies so raising the security and accessibility of informational services in the most contemporary way.

This project sets Ljubljana firmly on the road to becoming a digital city, thus enabling faster commercial development and achieving an even better quality of life for all its residents.