Friday, 20. 8. 2021

With purple lighting for the inclusion of people with disabilities

Ljubljana joined the international awareness campaign WeThe15, which draws attention to discrimination against people with disabilities around the world with the desire for greater visibility and inclusion in society, so on Thursday, 19 August 2021, we lit up the Ljubljana Castle in purple.

With the purple lighting of the castle, the new campaign of the WeThe15 movement, which brings together 1.2 billion people with disabilities, is officially launched. Ahead of the biggest sporting event for athletes with disabilities at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, the Ljubljana Castle, one of more than 115 landmarks around the world that shone in the international color of people with disabilities, was illuminated in purple.

 The Piccadily Circus and London Eye in London, the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, the Ostankino Tower in Moscow, the Roman Colosseum and Niagara Falls, among others, also took on the purple look. The WeThe15 movement aims to draw attention to discrimination against people with disabilities, who make up as much as 15 percent of the world's population, and fight for their greater visibility and inclusion.

A city that is friendly to vulnerable groups is friendly to everyone

We are proud to create a clean, green, safe and friendly city in Ljubljana, paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups. We also won silver and bronze awards in the European Commission's Access City Award competition for our efforts and projects in this field.