Monday, 9. 5. 2016

Zalog Centre

On 9 May 2016, the new contemporary Zalog Centre opened its doors in Zalog with facilities for the local community and a Spar supermarket. The centre is the result of a public-private partnership between the City of Ljubljana and SPAR Slovenia.

Zalog Centre, built on the land of the former community building Dom krajanov Zalog, extends over 5.866 square metres and has 115 parking spaces in the garage and alongside the building.

The public part of the building houses the District Community Polje, the Local Self-Government Office, the Day Centre for the Elderly Zalog, the Ljubljana City Library – Zalog Unit and the Music School Ljubljana Moste-Polje – Zalog Unit. Facilities for the activities of the district community will also be used by local associations. There are two additional halls in the centre, one for sports and recreational activities while the other is equipped with up-to-date audio visual aids and is intended for cultural and other activities.

In the private part of the building the supermarket SPAR extends over 1.157 square metres. Providing high-quality services and creating a pleasant atmosphere for the shoppers are the responsibilities of its 26 employees. With regard to the appearance of the market, great emphasis was put on natural materials and colours with fresh food departments in the front part of the market, headed by the produce department with its rich selection of fruits and vegetables. A wooden hayrack (Slovene: kozolec) in the forefront of the market features exclusively products from Slovenian producers. Next to the produce department the bakery welcomes shoppers, followed by the delicatessen, and further along the meat and the seafood department. Alternative nutrition products and the product line SPAR TO GO have a special place in the market offering a variety of prepared dishes you can simply take to go.
Special features of the new market are its energy efficiency, energy-saving LED lighting and the »DAIKIN CONVENI-PACK« system which uses the waste heat from refrigeration for air conditioning. This system makes the market environmentally friendly as it is not using classic energy-generating products for its operation.

The Zalog Centre is an important acquisition with new contents bringing additional development potential into this part of Ljubljana and it gives the residents easier access to local public services as well as a high-quality shopping environment.