Intercity cooperation

Intercity Cooperation and Partnership Agreements

Over the past half a century, Ljubljana has entered 25 partnership agreements with other cities, approximately a third of them capitals. Since 2007, we have listed five new cities: Skopje (2007), Belgrade (2010), Baku (2013), Fujairah (2014), and Ankara (2015), the cooperation with whose has been upgraded to a partnership agreement due to the intensity of highly applicable knowledge and experience exchange. In addition, we have renewed and additionally upgraded two existing partnership agreements with bilateral agreements: 

  • The original agreement with Vienna from 1999 was renewed in 2007, 2012 and 2016, as well as upgraded with Operational Cooperation Programmes;
  • The original treaty on friendship and cooperation with Moscow from 2000 has been upgraded with the Protocol on Cultural and Artistic Cooperation (2008) as well as the Collaboration Programme Between the Moscow Government and the City of Ljubljana in the Period of 2015–2017 in 2015. During the Moscow Days in Ljubljana (2016), we also signed the Letter of Intent between Moscow and Ljubljana Zoos. 

Ljubljana has signed agreements and protocols with the following cities:

Pesaro (Italy)
Accord signed: 16.3.1964

Parma (Italy)
Accord signed: 11.4.1964

Chemnitz (Germany)
Accord signed: 17.10.1966

Bratislava (Slovakia)
Accord signed: 4.3.1967, Renewed accord signed: 22.9.2002

Sousse (Tunisia)
Accord signed: 27.7.1969

Cleveland (Ohio, USA)
Accord signed: 25.7.1975

Wiesbaden (Germany)
Accord signed: 30.3.1977

Tbilisi (Georgia)
Accord signed: 7.10.1977

Leverkusen (Germany)
Accord signed: 30.8.1979

Rijeka (Croatia)
Accord signed: 23.10.1979

Chengdu (Sichuan Province, China)
Accord signed: 25.10.1981

Ploče (Croatia)
Twin city charter between Kardeljevo (renamed Ploče) and Ljubljana: 28.1.1982

Vienna (Austria)
Accord signed: 14.7.1999

Athens (Greece)
Accord signed: 1.3.2000

Moscow (Russia)
Accord signed: 20.5.2000

Zagreb (Croatia)
Accord signed: 21.2.2001

Moscow Oblast (Russian Federation)
Accord signed: 26.2.2001

Graz (Austria)
Accord signed: 4.10.2001

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Accord signed: 24.1.2002

Brussels (Belgium)
Accord signed: 28.4.2004

Skopje (Macedonia)
Accord signed: 23.4.2007

Belgrade (Serbia)
Accord signed: 24.11.2010

Baku (Azerbaijan)
Accord signed: 29.8.2013

Fujairah (United Arab Emirates)
Memorandum signed: 21.1.2014

Ankara (Turkey)
Protocol signed: 3.2.2015