Vision of Ljubljana 2025

What will Ljubljana look like in 2025? Where is it going to expand, where will we find space for building? What is to be its role in Europe, the state and the region? What changes will it undergo?

On the basis of the general values that the city should follow in its long-term development, leading themes and central guidelines have been shaped in the ‘Ljubljana 2025’ vision. These guidelines may be implemented by the city from its absolute competitive advantages, and its own trademark may be formed from them. The vision should stimulate the creation of a self-image of the city that shows what the city means to its residents and what their expectations about its future are.

A positive image of the city which arises above all from its history, cultural traditions and spatial characteristics thus has a major influence on life in the city and is also a strong factor in its economic and social development. It helps in the discovery of new development opportunities and is especially important in the adoption of basic strategic decisions that change the city.

The spatial and time limits of the vision have been set variously, depending on the anticipated implementation of development projects – some projects can come to fruition immediately, while more time is needed to carry out extensive management of spatial planning. All those who would like to actively participate in the development of our city are invited to let us know their opinions about the proposed spatial vision. Your opinions, suggestions and remarks about the published vision may be sent by e-mail to

Deputy mayor Professor Janez Koželj